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United Kingdom: The Charm School
Germany: In Den Waldern Von Borodino
Netherlands: Het Internaat
Denmark: Charmeskolen
Sweden: Charm Skolan
Spain: La escuela del engano
Poland: Szkola Wdzieku
Czech Republic: Skola Dobrych Mravu
Bulgaria: The Charm School
Russia: The Charm School
Romania: Fabrica De Spioni
Japan: The Charm School
Israel: The Charm School
Australia: The Charm School
New Zealand: The Charm School
Portugal: The Charm School

The Charm School

Published on April 18, 1988

Debuted on The New York Times Best Sellers list!

On a dark road deep inside Russia, a young American tourist picks up a most unusual passenger - a U.S. POW on the run with an incredible secret to reveal to an unsuspecting world. The secret concerns "The Charm School", a vast and astounding KGB conspiracy that stands poised against the very heartland of America.

Arrayed against this renegade power of the Soviet state are three Americans: an Air Force officer, who will fly one last covert mission into the center of a mad experiment; an embassy liaison, who will have her hopes for a saner superpower balance brutally tested; and the chief of the CIA's Moscow station, who will find his intricate dance of destiny and death reaching its devastating conclusion.

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In development with Bristol Bay Entertainment
Producer: Frank Marshall
Director: Ericson Core

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