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United Kingdom: The General's Daughter
Germany: Die Tochter des Generals
France: Le Deshonneur D'Ann Campbell
Italy: La Figlia Del Generale
Netherlands: De Generaals Dochter
Denmark: Generalens Datter
Iceland: Dottir Foringjans
Sweden: Generalens Dotter
Norway: Generalens Dotter
Finland: Generalens Datter
Spain: La Hija del General
Portugal: A Filha do General
Brazil: A Filha Do General
Poland: Corka generala
Czech Republic: Generalova Dcera
Hungary: A Tabornok Lanya
Bulgaria: Dashteryata na generala
Russia: The General's Daughter
Estonia: Kindrali tutar
Romania: Fiica Generalului
Japan: The General's Daughter
China: The General's Daughter
Indonesia: Putri Sang Jenderal
Greece: The General's Daughter
Turkey: Generalin Kizi
Australia: The General's Daughter
New Zealand: The General's Daughter

The General’s Daughter

Published on November 16, 1992

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Debuted on The New York Times Best Sellers list!

Captain Ann Campbell is a West Point graduate, the daughter of legendary General "Fighting Joe" Campbell. She is the pride of Fort Hadley until, one morning, her body is found, naked and bound, on the firing range.

Paul Brenner is a member of the army's elite undercover investigative unit and the man in charge of this politically explosive case. Teamed with rape specialist Cynthia Sunhill, with whom he once had a tempestuous, doomed affair, Brenner is about to learn just how many people were sexually, emotionally, and dangerously involved with the army's "golden girl." And how the neatly pressed uniforms and honor codes of the military hide a corruption as rank as Ann Campbell's shocking secret life.

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Released Summer 1999
A Paramount Picture Top 50 All-time Box Office Hit
Produced by Mace Neufeld
Directed by Simon West
Screenplay by William Goldman
Starring John Travolta, Madeleine Stowe, Timothy Hutton, Leslie Stefanson, Daniel von Bargen, Clarence Williams III, and James Woods.


This special edition DVD contains 2 theatrical trailers, 4 deleted scenes including alternate ending, commentary by director Simon West, and behind the scenes featurette.

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The General's Daughter: Music From The Motion Picture


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