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United Kingdom: Night Fall
Germany: Nachtflug
France: La Nuit Des Mirages
Italy: Notte Fatale
Netherlands: de Crash
Denmark: Tavse Vidner
Sweden: TWA Flight 800 Stortad
Spain: Conjura de Silencio
Portugal: Crepusculo Fatal
Brazil: Fora de Controle
Poland: Nadejscie nocy
Czech Republic: Nocni Pad
Russia: Night Fall
Serbia : Suton
Romania: Caderea Noptil
Japan: Night Fall
Korea: Night Fall
Israel: Night Fall
Greece: Night Fall
Turkey: Son Ucus
Thailand: Night Fall
Latvia: Kadiestajas Nakts
Slovenia: Strmoglavljenje
Arab Emirates: Night Fall
Australia: Night Fall
New Zealand: Night Fall
Bulgaria: Polet 800

Night Fall

Published on November 22, 2004

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Debuted at #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers list!

On a beach at dusk, while Bud Mitchell and Jill Winslow conduct their illicit love affair in front of a video camera set to record each steamy moment, a terrible explosion suddenly lights up the sky. Grabbing the camera, the couple make their getaway, as approaching police cars speed toward the scene.

Five years later, the fate of TWA Flight 800 has been attributed to a mechanical malfunction. But for John Corey and his wife Kate Mayfield, both members of the elite Anti-Terrorist Task Force, the case is not closed. Suspicious of a cover-up, they set out to find the one piece of evidence that will prove their theory—that at least two other people are determined to keep hidden: a videotape of the unbelievable truth.

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