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United Kingdom: Spencerville
Germany: Ruckkehr nach Spencerville
France: Retour de l'enfer
Italy: Spencerville
Netherlands: Spencerville
Denmark: Frygtens by
Sweden: En Het Dag I Augusti
Finland: Kovan Miehen Paluu
Spain: Triangulo Mortal
Portugal: Regresso do Inferno
Brazil: Spencerville
Poland: Spencerville
Czech Republic: Pomsta
Bulgaria: Spenserville
Romania: Spencerville
Japan: Spencerville
China: Spencerville
Korea: Spencerville
Israel: Spencerville
Greece: Spencerville
Australia: Spencerville
New Zealand: Spencerville


Published on October 12, 1994

Debuted on The New York Times Best Sellers list!

The cold war is over, and Keith Landry, one of the nation's top intelligence officers, is forced into early and unwanted retirement. Restless, Landry returns to Spencerville, the small Midwestern town where he grew up. The place has changed in the quarter century since Landry stepped off his front porch into the world, but two important people from his past are still there: Annie Prentis, his first love, and Cliff Baxter, the high school bully who became the police chief of Spencerville and Annie's possessive husband. They're all about to come together again - and rip Spencerville apart with violence, vengeance, and renewed passion.

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